Many Facebook users over the years have often wondered why they were unable to upload more than sixty photos on a single Facebook Album. It now seems like Facebook has been burning the midnight oil to allow users to upload up to two hundred pictures in a single album.

Today, we focus on several ways that as a Facebook user can rely on to post between sixty and 200 photos in one album.

The iLife

Apple users should relish in the fact that iPhoto has introduced and upgraded the iLife built-in Facebook Integration. Now iPhone/iPad/Mac users have an easy platform to upload their images in a Facebook album without leaving the application.

Before; Facebook had a limit of 60 photo uploads on one album; today, however; the rules have changed, and users can upload up to 200 photos in one album. Unfortunately for Apple users, before iPhoto was upgraded; there was a time when they were not able to upload more than 60 picture.

Thankfully; Apple nipped the problem in the bud, and now users can upload more than the 60 photo limit in one album.


The Desktop/Mac Way

If you have a PC, Mac or tablet device, there is an easy, fast way you can use to upload up to 200 photos in one Facebook album. Kindly follow the instructions below, and you will be able to upload photos quickly:



  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Once in; click the “Profile” link in the Facebook banner, the banner is located at the top of your Facebook screen
  • Once you select, you will open up more links such as the “Photos” tab, which is below the profile picture on the profile’s left side
  • On the top-right hand corner of your screen, you will see an “Upload Photos” grey button, click on it
  • A window will pop-up, click the “Select Photos” blue button
  • Point the pop-up window to the folder that has the pictures you wish to upload
  • Click a picture once to highlight/select it
  • To hasten the selection (Noncontiguous) process, hold down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and continue checking one photo at a time. For a contiguous multiple photo selection process; hold down the “Shift” Key.
  • Click the first photo you wish to upload while holding the “Shift” key down and click the last photo you want to upload.
  • Now click the “Open” tab on the popup window and allow the uploading process to begin.

When the upload process comes to an end, you can name the album and save it whichever way you want.

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